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Some of Mifflin County's earliest European settlers founded East Kishacoquillas Presbyterian Church.  The congregation began meeting in the mid 1700s, by 1777 had its first church building, and installed its first minister in 1784.  The current building was completed in 1892.  The following information is drawn from A History of the East Kishacoquillas Presbyterian Church 1783 - 1994, Rev Alice McFeely Meloy (2005).

It is unclear when the first log church was built on the site of the current Church Hill Cemetery, but there is written record of a service therein being interrupted by news of "Indian Danger" in 1777.  The one-room cabin that served as the first church was built on the hill above William Brown's mill in what is now Reedsville.   The second building, a stone church, was built in the early nineteenth century, and a third church building, this one larger and brick, was completed in 1854.

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